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Hearing Voices EP Voxless Hearing Voices EP Voxless

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So, not trying to be a douche here, but really - either put this on YouTube or just upload the audio to the Audio Portal; that way, people can judge this based on the music and not by the video, which is greatly lacking in quality - the Movies section of Newgrounds is a place for movies, not audio or album advertisements that are picture after picture after picture with music from said collection playing over it as was done here. If you are going to do album/EP ads, at least be creative with it - have a cartoon about it with a short story like a couple characters in a studio working on the album, or whatever you can think of; just dont do what you did here. The music is interesting, but I can't give you a decent rating because I am rating this based on what is appropriate for the Movie Portal, not the Audio Portal.