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So, not trying to be a douche here, but really - either put this on YouTube or just upload the audio to the Audio Portal; that way, people can judge this based on the music and not by the video, which is greatly lacking in quality - the Movies section of Newgrounds is a place for movies, not audio or album advertisements that are picture after picture after picture with music from said collection playing over it as was done here. If you are going to do album/EP ads, at least be creative with it - have a cartoon about it with a short story like a couple characters in a studio working on the album, or whatever you can think of; just dont do what you did here. The music is interesting, but I can't give you a decent rating because I am rating this based on what is appropriate for the Movie Portal, not the Audio Portal.

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That staccato at about 2:00 actually sounds intentional; you really did a good job of covering all the little hiccups and errors, because it sounds perfect to me, even as someone who's played piano for about half his life. I think you should stick with this (and stick with the staccato at 2:00, because it actually sounds really good like that) as your final product.

Get that sustain pedal fixed anyway, though (it should be easy enough to fix on your own, though - something might be loose; I get the same issue with mine, and all I need to do to fix it is to just tighten a single nut).

MetroPiano responds:

Thanks for your review! I'll be sure to try and fix my sustain that way, cause I never thought of that.

That guitar sounds fucking awesome - though it makes everything else sound lacking in terms of quality. Sure, it's just a tone test, but I'd suggest finding the best combination of effects and such on the drums and bass to complement this tone before going any further with it.

Metallica1136 responds:

Thanks! Yeah, the bass and drums aren't anything too special,. but I just added those instruments so they could fill in their parts.

Amazing. My only problem is that like LichLord, I feel the drums (excluding the kick) aren't loud enough. The other reviews have pretty much given enough critique on this so I don't really have anything else to offer.

@LichLord I'm sure RealFaction could fit your vocal style in there somewhere; I've heard black metal styled vocals in symphonic/power metal before - take a look at Rhapsody of Fire's Aeons of Raging Darkness for example

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Too much Dankey Kawng and not enough Dankey Kang

God, I hate her so much; she's such an annoying character. I want to see Ryuuko pull her apart, strand by strand.

Well done on her expression - it really fits how pissed she was in that episode.

The Megaman ZX influence is strong, but it still has originality to it. Very well done and the shading is done very well to give 3D feel to it. I personally preferred the Zero series, but that doesn't detract from the quality of any of the other arcs of the epic series.

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